Over the last few weeks, BANG has been delivering its new and exciting Health Is Wealth summer programme for young people between the ages of 8 – 13 years old. 

It is a specifically designed programme that gets young people who live in Brent engaged in a range of sporting activities that builds their confidence, self-esteem and fitness.  

It has also given young people the opportunity to make and develop friendships with people who live in their area but have never met.  

BANG is committed to giving young people the opportunity to become better versions of themselves and over the last four weeks Mimi, Rohan, Rochelle and Emma coordinated and have been supporting Dwayne, Amanda, Reece and Track Academy to deliver our improved programme at local sport and community leisure centres as well as The Docklands Sailing and Watersports Centre in East London.  

Some of the key events the young people took part in included sailing, athletics and dance. 

A group of young people went on a trip to the Docklands to take part in the sailing aspect of Health Is Wealth where they engaged in a range of watersport activities.

They really enjoyed being out in the water getting wet – challenging themselves in friendly competitions against other visitors at the centre that day.  

The athletic sessions, which took place at Willesden Sports Centre, put the young people’s fitness to the test as they raced against each other competitively while learning and improving their agility and sprint start technique.  

The young people who took part in the dance sessions enjoyed being creative and technical as they had to merge both their creative style and flair with a routine they were committed to memorising.   

This programme focuses on making sure young people are not just developing themselves mentally but physically so they live a balanced, fruitful and satisfying life.  

BANG believes in developing young people who are resilient, socially aware and mentally and physically fit to take on and overcome the challenges they face in life.  

We believe every young person can thrive and be successful in life.  

Words: Derrick Ogole 

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