I have been delivering The HUB for seven months and in these past seven months, I have been awarded the privilege to work with some amazing young people. I recall working with a group of young people and one child in particular presented with high levels of anxiety and the school were quite concerned. Initially they did not utter a word but as the weeks went on I saw a light that was once dimmed, switch on and it was wonderful to see them shining and walking with a new confidence – staff and parents commented on the vast improvement seen in the young person and to be a facilitator of this personal growth was a privilege. Another young person was struggling with a recent diagnosis of Autism and no longer wanted to be in school and had lost their spark but since doing The HUB programme they have said they once did not enjoy school but they enjoy coming to school on a Monday as that is when The HUB is on at their school.

Delivering The HUB has allowed me the opportunity to work with young people of all diversities including disabilities and SEN needs. We had a young participant who was known to be select mute in which the school and her family had not heard them speak for a long while and concern for them was growing. The school put them forward for The HUB and by week 3 the young person found their voice. Week by week they spoke more and interacted more with peers in the group. By the end of The HUB this particular young person made major progress and parents and staff again were amazed at how outspoken they had become. It was lovely to witness the growth in confidence and self-esteem within this young person.

I continue to deliver The HUB for these above reasons – these young people I have mentioned are only a few examples of growth and development I have been able to witness and be a part of as a result of The HUB programme. The growth in confidence, self-esteem, their enthusiasm and a positive change in their emotional well-being keeps me going, it keeps me fuelled and keeps me driven to see more young individuals be able to partake in the experience our previous participants have had and have the chance to see improvements in their lives also.

Words: Rochelle Anderson (The HUB Co-ordinator)

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