Five young people from BANG Edutainment got the opportunity to watch the English and German team have a friendly match at Wembley Stadium on the 10th of November 2017.

As an intern at BANG Edutainment, it was great to be able to attend an event with both the staff and our young people which provides a unique experience to get to know each other. Times have changed, young people do not get the same opportunities to take part in community activities as they used to. Social media has taken over to a point where young people will much rather stay in bed snapping in comparison to getting out there and experience what Brent and London as a global city has to offer.

In addition to the different experiences BANG offers through their programme, this allows the young people to put away their phones and spend the time with their peers. Such opportunities like these allow them to build their life experiences and stand out amongst the crowd. It is commonly known that a lot of the young people in Brent aspire to become famous footballers. Opportunities like this allow them to develop an idea of what this career will be like and to gain role models that they can look up to and learn from. It also allows them to get a grasp of the community feeling.

Even for me, it was a brand-new experience being the first international football game I have ever been to. The evening was very cold but the atmosphere and seeing the patriotism towards their individual countries was an eye-opening experience. I was also grateful to have been able to take my younger sister along to familiarise her with our BANG environment and services. This was also her first international football game which she was eager to attend to and had an amazing time.

Thanks to Claire Clottey from Young Brent Foundation for generously giving us tickets to offer this opportunity to our young people!

Words: Abirna Ramachandran

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